Thursday, April 6, 2006

Fat Cat Catamaran--April 1, 2006

Fat Cat Catamaran Adventure Excursion
Puerto Adventuras - Playa del Carmen - Calica Mexico

While sailing on the 3/30 Elation cruise, I booked an independent tour, the Fat Cat catamaran adventure excursion, for Calica. There were three C-C members and ten others from the Elation. A Fat Cat representative met our group and we were off for about a fifteen minute drive to Puerto Adventuras. The cat is docked in a private resort area which is also the location for dolphin interactive tours. We were able to see the dolphins, manatees, and sea lions while waiting for the others sailing on the Fat Cat. This is definitely a barefoot cruise, you leave your shoes in a box before boarding. We sailed about 10:00 a.m. with 49 passengers and crew of four. The crew was very accommodating and friendly. They were very generous with the rum punch and beer as we made our way north. We sailed to the reef just south of Calica for 45 minutes of snorkeling. Water was a bit choppy but used the all the allotted time in the water. This was a small reef, but very colorful and alive. Lot’s of fans, more than cozumel IMHO. Many colorful fish as well. Setting sail back south, more beer and rum punch along with chips, guacamole, and pico de gallo. All of which was very good. Those that wish could experience the drag net behind the boat. Hang on and don’t lose your shorts. We stopped within some protected jetty's for swimming. You could dive from the boat. Very nice and calm waters. We got back to the pier and were taken back to the ship arriving about 3:30. The fare includes your transportation and your drinks and snacks. I rate this excursion five ***** stars for both value and content. I would happily do this excursion again.

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