Saturday, October 16, 2021

Carnival Breeze Cruise Review -- October 16-21-25-30, 2021 Sailings -- B2B2B2B

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Just the Facts:
Ship:  Carnival Breeze
Sailing:  October 16 to November 3, 2021
Captain: Rocco Lubrano and Isidoro Renda
Cruise Director: Cookie and Erin
Ports: Galveston- Cozumel, Mexico - Yucatan (Progreso), Mexico - Galveston

I am sailing a small adventure, a B2B2B2B or four consecutive cruises. This is my 10th-13th cruises on the Carnival Breeze, my 84th-87th Carnival cruises, and my 161st-164th cruises overall.  I am sailing as a solo.

Day One -- Saturday --  October 16th, 2021 -- Port of Galveston  Embarkation

The day began early on the Carnival Vista. I’m doing a S2S, or side to side, moving from the Carnival Vista to the Carnival Breeze. I just walked from terminal 1 to Terminal 2, very easily done. I only had an hour wait for boarding to begin and it went very smooth and
efficiently. Obviously, I was among the first on the ship and was greeted by Patch in the lobby. I actually arrived in my cabin on Lido deck with my bag at exactly 11:07 am. Sweet. I unpacked most of my clothes and items then went to have a very nice Mongolian Wok meal. Muster drill was next that took all of 5 minutes at A-3 in the Theater. I found a nice space on Deck 11 with great WiFi reception to update this blog, Facetime with the Dear Wife, and follow some football scores. Beautiful 72° weather in Galveston with a nice sea breeze on the Carnival Breeze. I later had two street tacos from the Blue Iguana, I’m going to try food choices other than the MDR for this first cruise. I went to the Alchemy Bar and met friends and enjoyed seeing the Alchemy team. It is the same team as my two previous Breeze cruises.  Anca prepared a very nice drink for me. About 6:00 I went to the Deli and had a nice Reuben Sandwich and fries for dinner as my OU vs. TCU football game started at 6:30 pm. I did get a WiFi package and I was able to stream the entire game, although without sound in 1st and 4th quarters, but with sound in 2nd & 3rd. It was the feature game on ABC for the second week in a row and yes Oklahoma won 52-31. So a good day all around on this Saturday. The ship has really begun to rock this evening as we have been in high winds most of the day. Very different from last week when it was calm all week long.

Day Two -- Sunday -- October 17th, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
The rolling seas continued through the night but I slept very well and much later. An interior cabin is great for sleep as I did not wake until 8:30 am. I went to the Blue Iguana for my favorite breakfast at sea: Huevos Rancheros with fried eggs, Pico de gallo, Salsa, Arepas, & Watermelon. The Diamond Gathering was at 11:00 am in the Limelight Lounge. I had two Bloody Mary’s & bottled water. The appetizers: Shrimp, Chicken, & Petit-Fours were actually very good, especially the new to me Lobster rollup. I sat with my (distant) relative Joseph McDonald who last week was awarded special recognition for having sailed 1500 days on Carnival, the banner they presented him was very special and unique (photo). It was good seeing the Captain and Staff again too. I did a walkabout stopping at the casino window to get my $25 free-play chip, I’ll use it when the Roulette opens. About 1:30 pm I went to Cucina de Capitano for lunch, I had two bowls of Linguini, one with Sausage, Tomatoes, & Pomodoro sauce and one with Chicken, Broccoli, & Alfredo Sauce, both very good. Good crowd on deck watching the Texas football game, I wish they would show the big college games and not just NFL. Long walkabout this afternoon: deposited gift card to account and disputed a drink charge at Guest Services, Stopped at the Casino and turned my Free-play into $50 and still have my free-play, went by the Red Frog to watch the first half of the Cleveland vs Arizona Game featuring our two OU Heisman Trophy quarterbacks as well as the Dallas Cowboy game (on side by side screens), then saw staff evacuate a 20ish girl from the Lido pool who had passed out. Lots of activity on a Sunday afternoon at sea. The weather clouded up, but the Lido was really packed with Dallas Cowboy fans watching the big screen. I actually had Guy’s attempt to prepare me an onion-fried hamburger, they added onion to the patty they were reheating on the grill, it was a good attempt and it tasted great. No MDR for me on this elegant night.  I had needed cabin time until going up to Alchemy in time to get a seat for the Breeze Band's Eagles tribute show at 8:30pm in Ocean Plaza.  I lucked out with a great seat and really enjoyed the show, it was SRO.  I saw Alchemy friends from Vista and previous Breeze cruises…what a great surprise.  I enjoyed my cocktails this evening and even had one purchased for me by a nice lady,,,since I’m not on the Cheers this cruise, Thanks. Lucky in seats, but not the casino as I lost my free play…still $50 ahead.  I retired by 10:30.  I was a Fun and interesting day on the Carnival Breeze. 
Day Three -- Monday --  October 18th, 2021 -- Cozumel Mexico 
Smoother seas overnight than the previous days and I slept well. I started the day at the Blue Iguana for my usual breakfast as we sailed into Puerto Maya on Cozumel Island. It’s a beautiful day, warm but not too hot. I took a taxi (150 pesos) into San Miguel arriving by 10:00 am. I went to Wet Wendy’s who was already open and set up my office for the day. Same location with nice table and chairs and next to an electrical plug. I installed a new telephone app for use on ships using WiFi and enjoyed a nice MX Coca-cola light. I really had a full day of work for Bosque Travel. I worked on 16+ bookings including a call (long wait time) to Carnival HQ. Several great new bookings to Hawaii and Europe for great regular customers, some cruise quotes, some cabin changes, and more. The busiest day I have had at home or away for Bosque Travel in a long while. I enjoyed some Guacamole and then a special Key Lime Pie flavored Margarita (photo). It was a productive day and when I was about to leave I saw a Facebook Memory…turns out I was at Wet Wendy’s nine years ago this day enjoying a Mango Margarita. Amazing. On the way to the taxi stand, I saw friends at Woody’s, stopped at the church for meditation, and had my Barber take off a bit more hair in one spot. A very productive day in many ways. Taxi back to the ship about 4:00 pm. I was still busy depositing some of the bookings and really never ate lunch or had a snack once back on board, so I cleaned up and made a reservation on the Hub App for dinner at about 6:30 pm. I had a nice share table with three nice ladies. It was Linguini night so I had my favorite with added meatballs, Broccoli Soup, the sirloin steak entree. The Roasted Pineapple for dessert.  I went to the Alchemy Bar not only for a cocktail but to get a seat for the Breeze Band. It was an 80s set and a Country set tonight. They were very good as was the cocktail prepared for me by the sweet Anca. They had a huge deck party with line dancing led by Cookie when I went across the Lido deck to my cabin about 10:30 pm, lots of guests out having fun, many in Halloween costume. It was a busy yet Productive day in Cozumel and on the Carnival Breeze.   
Day Four -- Tuesday --  October 18th, 2021 -- Progreso/Yucatan Mexico 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well. We were docking when I woke this morning and I still had work to do on the new bookings. I went to Blue Iguana again for my favorite breakfast and I also met a friend to discuss a project onboard ship. I needed some exercise and I had not been off the ship at this port for a while so I took the shuttle into Progreso about 11:00 am. Still the same with shops and restaurants along the Malecon offer discounted beer to attract guests from the ship. If one gets a Palapa from one of the restaurants and drinks, they get use of the beach and toilets. Really an inexpensive way to have a beach day. I walked well down the Malecon and found a relatively new restaurant called Los Mariscos de Chichí  a much more upscale place for Progreso. Very few tourists here and a better clientele, no beachwear for example. Very good food and my favorite Mexican beer. The prices are dearer here as well and justified. I had two appetizers: Guacamole with Chips and Melted Cheese with Sausage and tortillas. (photo) Very nice. I walked along the Malecon and looked in a few shops, I did buy a Guayabera shirt as this area is the place to get them. I returned to the ship about 3:00 pm. After refreshing, I met friends at the Lobby Bar then had an early dinner in the Blush Restaurant (MDR). I ordered the Wild Rice Country Soup, the Lasagna as a starter, and the Cornmeal-crusted Chicken Breast entree with Cake for dessert. It was good as was the company. A short walkabout and a lot of activity and it’s White Night on Lido tonight. I had cabin time and retired early, until disturbed by Guest services then updated this blog and did some catch-up travel work, but all caught up so pleased. It was a good port day in Progreso and a good day on the Carnival Breeze.                         

Day Five -- Wednesday --  October 20th, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well.  Busy morning with appointment for my antigen rapid test in the Limelight Lounge. It went well taking about 45 minutes from beginning to end and I was negative as expected.  I then went to the MDR for the Seaday Brunch, I ordered the Steak & Eggs with Bacon and French Toast. Breakfast was excellent and prompt as the Diamond/Platinum party began at 11:30, I sat with friends and enjoyed only a few cocktails.  Cookie (photo right) was in rare form introducing the Officers and Staff, it was like a comedy roast. Very Funny.  Unfortunately it is Cookies last day on the ship as Cruise Director, he is going on break. After visiting with friends in the Lobby, it was Cabin and nap time.  About 6:00 pm I went to the Alchemy Bar to catch the Acoustic set by the Breeze Band and of course have a cocktail.  The band began their final set of the cruise at 7:00 pm.  IMHO the second best musical set they do other than The Eagles set on Elegant night. This Band is the BEST Band at Sea.  About 8:15 I went up to the Lido Marketplace for dinner, they basically have everything that was on the MDR menu.  I had two Pork Chops, Chicken, Baked Potato, Penne Pasta, and a nice salad.  It was probably the best meal of this cruise.  I did return to the Alchemy for a final cocktail then retired to the cabin.  It was a FUN day at sea on the Carnival Breeze. 

Day One of 2nd Cruise — 6 of 19 days -- Thursday --  October 21st, 2021 -- Port of Galveston
This is the beginning of the 2nd leg of B2B2B2B. There were approximately 2400 guests onboard the previous cruise so very nice for short lines and wait times. They are expecting over 3100 for this 4-day cruise, I’ll note the differences. Smooth seas overnight and I was up by 6:00 am as we were sailing into Galveston, unfortunately, we have hit that famous fog that occurs from time to time. I was packed by 7:30 and then had a nice Breakfast Burrito at Blue Iguana. I moved to my new cabin on Deck 11 by 9:00 am then went down to the B2B meeting spot on Deck 3. Considering we arrived a little late due to fog we walked down to flash our passports to the Officials by 10:00 am. That was a smooth debarkation. We were back on board for our B2B photo by 10:15 am. I then went to Muster Drill then back to my new cabin to unpack. I’m in cabin 11269 an upper/lower bed configuration. Smaller but a nice large bathroom. I’m happy. I had a nice mixed bowl from the Mongolian Wok for lunch. I was at the Red Frog Pub at noon for opening and had a Fishbowl of Jamaican Rum Punch and also a refill just before the 2:00 pm Happy Hour cut-off. Yes, after three hours, I now have new Red Frog friends for the cruise. I had some cabin time then for dinner tonight two Guy’s burgers before they closed at 6:00 pm. Plenty of good food and drink today. I watched the Lido activities from Deck 11 and yes there are many more guests on this sailing than the previous. I had Cabin time the rest of the evening. It was a nice embarkation day on the Carnival Breeze.
Day Two of 2nd Cruise — 7 of 19 days -- Friday --  October 22, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well.  I woke early and updated this blog then went to breakfast at the Blue Iguana.  More people than usual on Lido including a line for huevos rancheros so I had a very nice breakfast Burrito with some watermelon.  I’m liking my Deck 11 location very much. I was initially afraid of noise from the Lido Deck pool area, but it was fine, there was a repeating noise that I noticed this morning that I didn’t know what it was until I went out on deck.  When i go out the secret door to the outer deck I’m just the second cabin  in overlooking the Lido pool and directly at the Seaside Theater. The noise is from the waterworks, you know the big bucket that fill with water then dumps over with 100’s of gallons of water every few minutes?  It’s directly over my cabin. (photo right) Wow! But now that I know what it is, I’m fine with it, I’m actually embracing the timing of it.  I did a walkabout the ship getting my $25 free-play casino Chip, Diamond Gift from Pixels, water for the cabin, and some candy from Cherries on Top for the Fishbowl in my cabin. At 11:00 am I went to the Diamond gathering.  I visited with other B2B friends and Cousin Joe.  Good to visit with senior staff, many are leaving following this crew.  Also good to be publicly acknowledged by the Captain.  Although we are sailing close to capacity, there were fewer Diamonds than previous gatherings, perhaps 25 or so.  The petit-fours, shrimp & lobster were again my favorites.  Zola was a perfect server as well as I had a Bloody-Mary then Titos & Lemonade. Thanks Captain.  I did an afternoon walkabout:  Took a photo of the big Splash from waterworks, had a Bushwacker at the Red Frog rum bar on Lido, and did some very interesting people watching.  No luck in casino today, but only lost my free play.  I went to the Lido Marketplace for dinner.  Everything on the Elegant Night menu in the MDR was available.  I had Spaghetti Carbonara, Broccoli and Prime Rib.  Very good.  I had to go to the Ocean Plaza to see the Breeze Band, they were fantastic as usual especially the Eagles set.  I sat at a table with friends and got a different perspective.  Fun!  I went to the Deli for a late snack and had a Zack Special, a Turkey on Kaiser roll heated with Avocado & Arugula.  Excellent. music and food.  It was a fantastic day on the Carnival Breeze.  

Day Three of 2nd Cruise — 8 of 19 days -- Saturday --  October 23, 2021 -- Cozumel, Mexico 
Rolling Seas overnight as we sailed into the Caribbean and I slept well. I woke as we were arriving in Cozumel, we are the only Carnival ship at Puerto Maya. I had a Breakfast Burrito at Blue Iguana, it was as good as ever. Since this is football Saturday I decide to upgrade my WiFi plan to Premium so that I could stream college football today. So I will primarily stay on board the ship. $16 to upgrade is exactly the cab fare to San Miguel and I’ll be back here in five days…so easy decision. I watched the 1st half of OU vs. KU out on the Deck 11 lounge area by my cabin, once the movie started on the Seaside Theater I moved into my cabin and the reception was just as good. I had a very nice Mongolian combination bowl for lunch and I guess it brought the Sooners back from a deficit to win the football game…Boomer Sooner. I spent time on deck 11 and watched the pier runners returning late from their day in Cozumel, the DJ played the theme to Chariots of Fire…very clever. I’m liking Deck 11. I did go to dinner in the Blush Dining room with new friends as it is Linguini night. Natasha the Maitre’d has always been so accommodating to me. I had Minestrone Soup, The Linguini with added meatballs, and the Steak. I like the Pasta/Steak combination. I was tired after dining to have a wee nap, but woke in time for the big Halloween party and costume judging, after all, it was being held two doors away just below me on the Lido Deck. Very interesting group and the winner was the Hocus Pocus characters. I went for a slice of Pizza before retiring for the second time. It was a very good day onboard the Carnival Breeze.

Day Four of 2nd Cruise — 9 of 19 days -- Sunday --  October 24, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well and longer than usual. I went to the Blue Iguana and guess what? No more Huevos Rancheros, but not a problem, they are now Breakfast Tacos. I guess they have been changing gradually, I should have noticed when they began preparing the Taco fresh in front of you, but now the huevos sign is gone. Same items, same thing although the tortilla is smaller. Breakfast Tacos are easier for most guests to understand so a good change…now if they would only make Tex-Mex Migas we’d be covering the breakfast options. My rapid-antigen test was at 10:00 am. Only took half an hour from the test to results and I was negative so all is good. I enjoyed the deck 11 loungers during the Pumpkin carving contest, a  frozen cruise cocktail in the Lobby, and sat in on some Friends trivia (I knew none of the answers) this morning. I then had a nice Pig & Anchor BBQ lunch while in the Ocean Plaza. An easy afternoon with cabin and movie time plus taking advantage of the premium WiFi. I went to the Lido Marketplace for dinner and again they had everything that was on the MDR menus. I had Penne Pasta, Fried Shrimp, Grilled Pork Chops, and Baked Potato. I had Bread Pudding for dessert and I don’t think that was on the MDR menu. Very pleased with the food. I’ve been using Deck 11 to get from forward to aft this cruise and am even more pleased with my cabin location. I spent some good time watching the sunset from the unobstructed view on deck 11. A change of cabins early in the morning so I’m retiring early. It was a FUN sea day on the Carnival Breeze.

Day One of 3rd Cruise — 10 of 19 days -- Monday --  October 25, 2021 -- Port of Galveston
Smooth seas overnight as we arrived into the Port of Galveston.  I woke at 6:00 am to pack and prepare for my move.  The cabin I was to move into was taken out of service so I was upgraded to a deluxe Oceanview: Cabin 2424.  It has two bathrooms and full couch, very spacious.  Not an easy move from Deck 11 forward to Deck 2 aft so I did ask for help…very easy then.  I made it to the 9:00 am B2B meet up just a little late.  Debarkation went very well, in fact we were off and back on the ship by 9:55 am.  A record for me.  A Welcome-Back Bellini and Photo in the Lobby and I was off to set up the new cabin.  At 11:00 I went to my Muster Station to check-in, then up to the Mongolian Grill for a huge bowl of goodness (photo at left).  Next stop was Red Frog for the noon opening…they sold out of Fish Bowls on previous cruise so I had the only one and I ordered the Jamaican Breeze, a bargain for that size of a lasted for several hours.  Back to the cabin for rest and a nap, it was a busy morning.  My brief nap was disturbed by Muster drill, those alarms are very loud.  We sailed about 3:45 pm as everything was going very smoothly with embarkation.  I may miss deck 11, but this cabin, wardrobe, and bed are twice the size as I had last cruise.  I dropped by Alchemy for a cocktail by Ana then up to the Lido Marketplace for dinner. I had Cole Slaw, a Baked Potato, the Sweet & Sour Shrimp (as many as I wished), a small Chicken Enchilada with Guacamole, and Roast Beef from the Carving Station.  The shrimp were excellent, beef was tough, but overall a nice meal.  I skipped the walkabout but it was the usual first night activities.  We do new have a new Captain and several new crew this cruise.  It was an easy and enjoyable embarkation day on the Carnival Breeze.

Day Two of 3rd Cruise — 11 of 19 days -- Tuesday --  October 26, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well in my big bed. I went up to the Lido Marketplace for breakfast as I’m on the aft elevators and it’s more convenient than Blue Iguana. A nice change, I had two Eggs Benedict that were better than any I have had in the MDR. Also Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes, and Danish. I then stepped out to the Tides Bar where I had two very nice Bloody Mary cocktails to start my day and my Cheers package that I have on this cruise. Bi Jesh makes the best one on the ship. Beautiful day to enjoy on deck too (see photo). I had the Diamond-only party at 11:00 am in the Limelight Lounge. I met Captain Renda and the new Hotel Director. Capt. Renda seems very nice, his first time on Breeze and sailing from Galveston, and mentions how he had heard that Galveston is the best home port for crew and staff. He is right about that. I sat with the B2B2B+ group and enjoyed the appetizers and petit-fours. I only had one cocktail since I have the Cheers this cruise. I took the opportunity to visit with the Entertainment Director about the Breeze Band being missing from the entertainment lineup this cruise. He said the Doctor recommended that the two lead vocalists needed time off to rest their voices. Thus no shows this cruise. I will miss them but be able to see them rested next cruise. I was invited by the Yippee group to join them for lunch in the Lido Marketplace. The Chef had prepared a wonderful Rice Dish with jalapeño Spam (they had furnished) for the group, it was excellent and anything different is a good thing. Thanks, guys & gals. After lunch, I visited the Tides Bar for a Bushwacker and then retired to the cabin for rest and to update this blog. I went to the Alchemy Bar about 6:30, it was slow.  I enjoyed some time with the Alchemists as well as some of Daniels premium cocktails.  Disappointed that THE band didn’t play but the new Latino duo on board did a good job in their new surprise time spots, they had a lot of guests on the dance floor.  I met a couple that were on my August cruise (with the DW) and we had a great visit.  I went by the Piano Bar for a few numbers, Guests were enjoying it very much.  A surprising late night for me.  It was a great sea day on The Carnival Breeze.

Day Three of 3rd Cruise — 12 of 19 days -- Wednesday --  October 27, 2021 -- Cozumel, Mexico
Smooth seas overnight and I again slept very well. We were docked at Porto Maya about 9:00 am the only Carnival ship here, the Independence of the Seas is at the International pier. I went up the easy one flight of stairs to the Blush dining room for breakfast. I had a shared table with three others. This morning I had Avocado Toast and Pancakes with Bacon. Fine breakfast and so easy to do from my cabin location. I was off the ship by 10:00 am and in San Miguel. I went first to the ZensiSpa for a pedicure. They of course remembered me and were very happy as well…a first-class pedicure today. The next stop was the little church Iglesia de San Miguel for reflection. Then to Wet Wendy’s to set up the office. I enjoyed my diet Coca-cola, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and a nice Creamsicle Pina Colada (photo). I stopped by Woody’s to see Nelly and get the ownership story. Safe to say she will be running the operation as usual. I‘ll move back over there next month. A taxi back to the pier about 4:00 pm. I had a cooling Bushwacker in the lobby bar before heading back to the cabin. I was headed to Guy’s before they closed at 6:00 pm but had to walk through the Lido Marketplace to get there and as I passed the buffet, it opened. Wow, Linguini, Strip Steak, and Pork Roast on Carving Station. I had all three plus a nice Beet Root Salad and bread. So much easier than the MDR and I control the portions. Very pleased. I did a short walkabout visiting Cherry on Top, Guest Services, a cocktail with Alexandra at the Breeze Bar, and visiting new friends in the Lobby…all while enjoying the Strings Trio. I went to the Alchemy and enjoyed a cocktail and music by Grant. Took a roadie to the cabin to have cabin time, tonight is the Halloween Costume Contest, but just saw it a few days ago on the previous cruise so rest this evening. It was a FUN day in Cozumel and on the Carnival Breeze.

Day Four of 3rd Cruise — 13 of 19 days -Thursday - October 28, 2021 -- Progreso/Yucatan Mexico
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well. I was up early and used the WiFi this morning before it gets busy. I watched us sail into port and went to the Tides Bar for Bloody Marys. Bi Jesh has a group of regulars who show each morning for the best on the ship. I then had breakfast there in the Marketplace: Eggs Benedict, Bacon, & Sausage. Relaxed afterward in the pleasant weather on deck. About 11:00 am I took the bus into Progreso, I wanted to purchase another Guayabera shirt. I went to the same shop and yes they remember me, that’s either good or bad but easier to barter. I ended up with two, a standard white and a nicer embroidered light blue one. Very pleased. A large cold front was approaching from the north (the Gulf) and vendors began scrambling to move their wares inside as rain seems imminent. It also sends tourists back to the buses and the ships. I went on down to the Malecón and basically had the entire area to myself other than some hard-core folks on the beach. I stopped at Los Henequenes on the corner and had the prime table on the patio overlooking the square and statute, the bridge to the pier, and the beach. Perfect and it never rained but cooled the air and made for wonderful rest of the day. I enjoyed several of my favorite Cerveza: Bohemia Clara and Guacamole with chips. Later some very nice Fish Tacos. I took my time and did some great people watching, used the Wifi to update and have FaceTime with the DW, and used the telephone to speak with a client and a cruise line. Nice. About 4:00 pm I headed back to the shuttle location and the ship, few guests by this time on the bus. Easy to board, get through security, and get an elevator. After refreshing it was back to the Tides bar to try some cocktails discussed this morning…the time was right for a Creamsicle and a BBC, both very good and refreshing. Thanks again Bi Jesh. I know the Buffet opens at 5:45 so I enjoyed a light dinner: the Breaded Chicken, a taste of the BBQ Short Ribs, Baked Potato, and salad. I went up to the Alchemy Bar and it was not busy at all, but I was able to visit with my new friends, an interesting and charming couple, and have two cocktails. I’m sure it got busier when the new Latin group performed, but the currently scheduled entertainer doesn’t help Alchemy business. Looking forward to the return of the Breeze Band next cruise. I did a walkabout the ship, a good production show in the theater, and a long line for comedy so guests are enjoying themselves. The casino always seems busy as so many are booked on casino rates. I was fast asleep by 10:00. It was a FUN and interesting day in Progreso and on the Carnival Breeze
Day Five of 3rd Cruise — 14 of 19 days -- Friday --  October 29, 2021 — Fun Day at Sea
Rocking and rolling seas overnight for a change. I enjoy the rocking so I slept very well. Woke early so updated this blog and did some emails. I went up to the Tides Bar for the best Bloody Mary’s on the ship about 8:30 am and really enjoyed the morning weather on deck. My Rapid-antigen test was at 10:00 am and I passed so I’m good for another cruise. I didn’t make it to breakfast until 11:00 but they were still serving in Lido Marketplace, then to the Platinum / Diamond party at 11:30 am. to say goodbye to the Yippies my B2B2B regulars. Gathering not too exciting with the new CD, the guests entertained themselves after the event. High waves continue through the day and the pools are closed, not many want to be out on deck anyway. I did sit on deck 11 out of the wind as the temperature is ideal. No luck on the $25 free play this cruise either…it hit double zero. I did have a Zack sandwich: Turkey, pickle, avocado & arugula on a Kaiser roll with fries for a late lunch. I had cabin time the rest of the afternoon. I did an early evening walkabout the ship, purchased T-shirts with $20 I had in OBC. With yesterday's new Guayabera shirts I now have more clean shirts than I do days left in the cruise. Nice. I stopped by Alchemy then stopped in Red Frog Pub for a couple of drinks and the beginning of World Series Game #3. So glad that Carnival decided to carry the games since Houston is in and so many guests are from Texas. I know it helps bar sales. I ate in the Lido Marketplace again, I have enjoyed it this cruise. I had small amounts of many things: Two Salads, Baked Potato, Penne Mariscos, Chicken Melanise, and Broiled Pork Steak. Basically the menu of the MDR. I retired early as I have to pack and change cabins again in the morning. The high seas have continued all day and look like they will through the night. I hope we are not late into Galveston. It was an interesting Sea Day on the Carnival Breeze.
Day One of 4th Cruise — 15 of 19 days -- Saturday --  October 30, 2021 — Port of Galveston
Rolling seas for much of the night, but it became smoother the closer we approached the Texas coast. I slept fairly well. I was up very early and monitored our arrival at Galveston to dispel rumors that we would be late to the embarking guests. We did fine arriving on time (photo right) but the Vista was over three hours late. The north winds and high seas were rough. I packed all my clothes and kit, then went to breakfast at the Blue Iguana: a Breakfast Taco with two eggs, Pico de Gallo, Salsa, Arepas, and Watermelon. Very good. Once docked, the debark went smoothly. I was also able to move my items to the new cabin before my 9:00 am B2B meet-up. We did our B2B thing with 54 guests about 20 more than the last two cruises and we were back on the ship before 10:00 am. After our Mimosas and Photograph, I returned to my new cabin 11275 on Deck 11 to unpack...I'm again under the big bucket of the Waterworks. I then went to my Muster Station and was at the Mongolian Grill at the opening for a great bowl of stir-fry. Easy morning. At noon I took my Fish Bowl to the Red Frog Pub for my happy-hour Jamaican Sunrise. I watched some of the Baylor vs. UT game on my iPhone as well. I returned to the cabin to prepare for the Oklahoma vs. TX Tech game’s 2:30 pm kickoff. I had great reception in the 1st half, but once we sailed it was not as good, but I have the standard WiFi package, not the Premium. It was a great game for OU, they won 52-21. I did a walkabout about sundown, lots of guests getting ready to watch the World Series on the Seaview Theater screen on the Lido deck. I went to the Lido Marketplace for dinner, I had the chef grill some roast beef,  I had the Sweet & Sour Shrimp & a Baked Potato. It was good and easier than going to the MDR. I'm not going out tonight, I’ll watch more NCAA football and rest, it was a long day for me.
Day Two of 4th Cruise — 16 of 19 days -- Sunday --  October 31, 2021 — Fun Day at Sea
Smooth seas overnight and they were very welcomed. I slept well but did Wifi work in the middle of the night that is common for me almost every night...just rarely mention as it is my norm. I went to the Blue Iguana for my usual Breakfast Taco menu, then back to the Tides Bar for my Bloody Marys by Bi Jesh. I then sat on the aft deck and enjoyed the perfect weather. Being back on deck 11 is nice for maneuvering around the ship. At 11:00 am I went to the Limelight Lounge for the Diamond gathering. There are almost 60 Diamonds on this cruise, twice what we have had since I’ve been on this adventure. Captain Renda introduced his Staff officers then we went downstairs for a luncheon…the advantage of having more Diamond guests. The menu was the same and I ordered the Pork Belly, NY Strip Steak, and Tres Leches for dessert. I had a nice table of Diamond guests too. I did a walkabout the ship, picked up the Diamond gifts, got my $25 in free play casino chips, and water & Pepsi for the cabin from the bar. Then some nap time in the cabin. In the afternoon I spent time on Lido: watched some NFL football, a drink from Red Frog Rum Bar, and finished watching Hocus Pocus on the Seaside Theater screen. Before Guy’s closed I had them prepare some Oklahoma-style Onion Fried Hamburgers…excellent too (see photo). Many are dressed in their Halloween Costumes tonight, they look great. Halloween is always a great time to sail. I had a cocktail at the Breeze Bar then went to the casino where I was able to turn the $25 free play into $30 in real chips. Successful. A $155 gain for the five cruises. Much better than playing slots. I then went to the Alchemy Bar and was lucky enough to get a spot at the bar as it was very busy. Halloween is very popular with the Gay community and the Alchemy was the gathering spot. They also had the best costumes by far. It was packed once the Latino Duo began playing. Then at 11:00 pm, the Ocean Plaza went dead as everyone went to the Lido Deck for the Halloween costume competition. It got underway late as it was a very busy night with both the Dallas Cowboys football game and the World Series broadcast in various shipboard venues. It had to be a great revenue night for all the bars on Breeze tonight. Crew finally cleared the deck for the Halloween party and it was twice the size of any on the previous cruises. Of course, it was actual Halloween. I met the solo winner and 2nd place couples in the Alchemy earlier. The overall winners were a group of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Quite a scene on Lido Deck this night. Since my cabin overlooks Lido I was observing all going on…it was amazing. I soon retired and updated this blog. It was a great and busy Sea Day on the Carnival Breeze.
Day Three of 4th Cruise — 17 of 19 days -- Monday --  November 1, 2021 — Cozumel, Mexico
Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well. I was up early and used the WiFi, then went to Blue Iguana for my usual breakfast. Always good. Beautiful weather today in Cozumel…very enjoyable. I waved at friends on the Carnival Mardi Gras docked on the next pier before seeing Bi Jesh at the Tides Bar. He makes the best Bloody Mary’s on the ship. I left the ship and headed to the crowded taxi stand so I went to a secret one around the corner, a little further walk but no waiting. The driver also took me direct to the San Miguel Church and I was there by 10:15 am. Sweet. I did my prayers and headed for Wet Wendy’s to set up my office for the day. My Travel Agent friend had a big group from Mardi Gras visit WW. It was great to see some cruise friends from my recent Mardi Gras cruise in the group. Certainly a nice change to the day. I did some TA work and caught up with other business since it’s the first of a new month, but I did return to the ship earlier than usual. I had a Blue Iguana beef burrito for a late lunch and enjoyed deck time through sail away. No pier runners today. Mardi Gras and Breeze exchanged ship horn blasts as we sailed away from the pier…that's always cool. I went to the Alchemy Bar for cocktails and visit with new and old friends. I must say I’ve enjoyed the new Latin group that plays the later sets, it’s bringing new guests to Alchemy and I downloaded my second Selena song this cruise. I went to late-night Karaoke to see a guest sing…haven’t done that in a while. The usual good & bad there. I had hoped for a late-night Deli sandwich but I was late…they did have some late food so I had a Meatball Sub and Pasta. It was surprisingly very good. It was a long and interesting day in Cozumel and on the Carnival Breeze.
Day Four of 4th Cruise — 18 of 19 days -- Tuesday --  November 2, 2021 — Progreso/Yucatan Mexico 
Seas a bit more rolling overnight and I slept very well and the latest of the cruise. I woke about 8:30 am so it’s a late start for my routine. Updated blog and did other WiFi work as I watched our arrival at the Progreso pier. I didn’t make it to the Tides Bar until 10:00 ish but enjoyed my Bloody Marys. The weather is perfect, a cool breeze so not the heat or humidity that is so common here in the Yucatan. I was at the Mongolian Wok when it opened for a great Stir-fry bowl: Chicken, Beef, Snow Peas, Bamboo Shoots, Noodles, Thai BBQ Sauce, and more. Yes, I do use Chopsticks. I stayed on board ship, I’ve been off here the last two stops on this adventure, a lot of guests do the same at this port. I had some Deck time, Cabin time, and WiFi time this afternoon. I wanted to eat lighter and had my first BLT of the cruises this afternoon, the Deli version is much better than the Room Service version. Larger too. I’ve decided that one's cabin location influences one choice in eating locations on the ship. I’ve had five different cabins and I notice that my choice for an eating location can be of convenience as much as desire. Of course, I have my favorites, but a quick bite to eat is influenced. Fortunately, there are many choices on the ship. It was a special evening on the Carnival Breeze because it was the return of the Breeze Band. After an eight-day hiatus, the Band made a scheduled appearance in the Ocean Plaza. I certainly missed them as did the Breeze frequent cruisers and Alchemy Bar fans. Although sans one member the Band really 'Knocked it out of the Park' with their three sets this evening. Standing room only and an enthusiastic crowd welcomed them back. Well done. I retired afterward. It was an interesting and fun day on The Carnival Breeze.
Day Five of 4th Cruise — 19 of 19 days -- Wednesday --  November 3, 2021 — Fun Day at Sea 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well. I woke at my usual time of daybreak, well before the Waterworks began overhead. I love the cabin location, but it is a bit noisy. The 1A cabins are a bit hard to get on a ship for solos so if need be I would probably stay in it again.  It was towel animals on Lido Deck day as I went to the Blue Iguana for my usual and Favorite breakfast. Then off to the Tides Bar for my morning Bloody Mary with B'Jesh. He has been a good discovery and friendly bartender.  Another beautiful morning at sea so I enjoyed sitting for a while. I had time to pack my dirty clothes and did some prep for tomorrow. I went to the Breeze Bar for a cocktail with Aleksandra and friends while waiting for the Platinum/Diamond gathering at 11:30. Easier to get a cocktail there if you have a drink package than inside the Theater. Big crowd, I was told over 440 Platinum and Diamond guests. I sat with other Diamond friends, a great seat on row two so I got a good shot of Captain Renda (photo at right). Afterward, I went to the Lido Marketplace and specifically the Mongolian Wok again. The same as the previous day other than it was Chicken & Beef. A small piece of cake for dessert. Diet Pepsi and Cabin time to do some financial business that needed to be done, even if at sea. Cruises don't pay for themselves. I also had a nice afternoon nap, an advantage of an interior cabin. I went to the Alchemy Bar about 6:00 pm to catch the acoustic set by members of the Breeze Band, then of course stayed for the full Band at 7:00 pm. They were great as usual. Fantastic Classic Rock, the music of my generation, although I still love Torch music as well.  It was again Spritzer night for cocktails and all Alchemists prepared one for me. A nice visit and farewell with Alchemy friends for the week and the Band as well. I went by the Deli for a great BLT then retired to the cabin to begin packing for debarkation tomorrow. It was a FUN final Sea Day on the Carnival Breeze.
Debarkation — Thursday — November 4, 2021 — Port of Galveston 
A bit of rolling seas overnight.  I didn’t sleep well,  I was awake and noticed some unusual activity on the forward cameras at 2:45 am. and we were in the process of rescuing a distressed sailboat, Erin actually made an announcement about 3:45 am. so I went out to see the action.  We rescued three people and two dogs.  Interesting early morning and I did get back to sleep.  Captain Renda made a status announcement at 7:45 am. Looks like a delay of up to three hours for arrival.  I went out on Lido and the cold air was shocking, I took my final Blue Iguana breakfast into the Lido Marketplace to eat about 8:15 am. I was wishing I could have had a Bloody Mary, but alas no.  I finalized my packing then went to the Diamond meet area and visited with Diamond friends for an hour.  The Captain  was right, we arrived just about 10:00 am.  Diamond guests were off by 10:30 and I was first on the EZ Cruise  Parking shuttle soon after.  I left the parking lot at 11:00 am and was home at 4:00 pm.  That included a stop at Buc*ees in Waller for fuel, food, & a real coke and at Brookshire’s in Clifton for Chili fixin’s, food, & some coca-cola.  I very different debarkation morning four sure.

Personal HIGHLIGHTS of the Cruises
Alchemy Bar & Bartenders
The Breeze Rock Band
Friendliness of Crew and Staff
Red Frog Pub Happy Hour
Diamond Parties & Luncheon
Platinum/Diamond Parties
New 2B2B+ and Alchemy Bar Friends
Cozumel & Progreso Port Days
Tides Bar for Bloody Mary’s
Mongolian Wok
Deli: Zack’s Turkey Sandwich & the BLT


Saturday, October 9, 2021

Carnival Vista Cruise Review - October 9. 2021


Carnival Vista Cruise Review

Just the Facts:

Ship:  Carnival Vista
Sailing:  October 9, 2021
Captain: Andrea Catalani
Cruise Director: Kyndall Fire
Ports: Galveston - Mahogany Bay on Roatan Island - Belize C.A.  -  Cozumel, Mexico - Galveston
Weather:  Very nice typical Caribbean weather

This is my 4th time to cruise on the Carnival Vista, my 83rd Carnival cruise, and my 160th cruise overall.  I am sailing solo. I booked only a few weeks before sailing and it was a very good value.

Day One -- Saturday --  October 9th, 2021 -- Port of Galveston  Embarkation  
The day began early at Twisted Oak Ranch. I was up at 4:00 am to finalize some chores and packing. Not only is it Cruise Day, but also Game Day for the Red River Rivalry: OU vs. TX. I was on the road south by 5:00 am and made it to EZ Cruise Parking about 9:45 am. Soon on a shuttle and checked in by 10:30 am. It went very smoothly. They began boarding about 11:00 am and I was among the first, I dropped my bag at my cabin on deck nine and the cabin was ready although my Sail & Sign card was not there as yet. I went up to the Lido Marketplace just one flight up the aft stairs above my cabin for lunch. The Meatball Lasagna was good as was the Old fashion Pot Pie, and the Italian Pork dish from the carving station. I then went to my Muster Station located in the Limelight Lounge on deck four. That took all of five minutes...I love the new system. Next door was the Sports Bar, but the big game was not on screen. They did have sports tickers with current scores and I saw Texas 28 Oklahoma 7 in 1st quarter, very disappointing, Now in no hurry to start streaming the game, I went by the Red Frog Bar for a Fish Bowl cocktail. They have recently again started the half-price ‘Happy Hour’ on them on embarkation day. A very popular selection with guests today. I watched the end of the first half of football from the bar on my iPhone. I decided to take my huge drink back to the cabin and watch the second half from my laptop, I am so glad that I did as Oklahoma staged the biggest comeback in the series history and WON the football game, a BIG deal in this part of the country. It was very exciting and unexpected at that point. I had cabin and balcony time the rest of the afternoon watching both Sail Away and the Sunset from the balcony. A short nap was very nice too. About 7:00 pm I went to the Alchemy Bar and met Dayiana an experienced Alchemist who prepared a special cocktail for me. It was very good so I had to have another before dinner. I thought I would try the MDR this cruise and I went to the Reflections Restaurant for my 8:15 assigned table, it is a six-top and there were two other solo cruisers. I ordered the Green Salad, the Poblano & Corn Soup, and the Brisket & Vegetable entree. It was good. After dinner, it was back to the cabin for a much-needed rest. A long and busy day.

Day TWO -- Sunday --  October 10th, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well but would have slept through anything overnight. I woke and opened the curtains to enjoy the sea view while updating this blog and reading news of yesterday’s Big Game comeback by Oklahoma. Just before 8:00 am I went up one deck to the Lido Marketplace for breakfast. Few people and no one at the omelet station, so I had a very nice Western Omelet with a side of bacon, ham, and fruit. My cabin is a very convenient location to the aft area of the Marketplace, perhaps even better than my favorite forward Lido cabins. After breakfast, I went back to bed and was just lazy...very relaxing. I did a walkabout the ship before lunch, Just from observation so far I would estimate that we are sailing at about 50-60% capacity, that’s nice for those of us on board as not busy or crowded on the ship…at least so far. At noon I attended the Diamond Guest Luncheon in the Horizons Restaurant. They have a nice sectioned area at the aft of the upper dining room that’s ideal for this type of event. I’m guessing this is where the afternoon Tea is located as well. There are 82 Diamond Guests aboard this sailing and I sat at a large 10-top table with nice guests. We had the same menu as on all the ships and I ordered the usual as well: the Pork Belly, the NY Strip Steak entree, and the Tres Leches for dessert…it was very good as was the service. The Cosmopolitans were nice as well especially this week when I don’t have a Cheers drink package, After lunch, I listened to the Solo Guitar sounds of Augusta Ray in the Ocean Plaza, she was good. Then I met friends in the Red Frog Pub where we enjoyed libations as well as NFL football. The Dallas Cowboys played the late game so the Pub filled up with guests to watch the game. The game was also shown in the Sports Bar and the big outdoor screen on the Lido deck. I decided to eat casual tonight so waited until closing time for Guy’s Burgers and had two nice burgers for dinner, They freshly grilled two plain meat patties that I then added onions and pickles for my version of an Oklahoma Onion-fried burger. It was very nice. I had a lazy evening enjoying the cabin and sundown from the balcony. No Alchemy nor shows tonight, just rest and relaxation. One of the advantages of being an experienced cruiser is that you don’t feel as though you are ‘missing’ anything as you’ve already experienced most ship activities. It was both a FUN and a relaxing day on the Carnival Vista.

Day Three -- Monday --  October 11th, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
Smooth seas overnight as we enter the Caribbean sea from the Gulf of Mexico. I woke during the night and did work on the internet as I am prone to do, but had plenty of sleep having retired early. I went to Lido Marketplace again for an omelet, same as yesterday, but today is a NO bacon day, They did have sausage as well as ham though. It was good. I had some business with Carnival and they requested a telephone call so Guest Services allowed me the use of a phone to use to contact Miami HQ. It was about bookings and all resolved, it just takes so much time to get through the process since they are so busy. I’m just happy they are sailing and I’m able to take advantage of lower fares. My Cabin Steward Carlos did my cabin this morning since I missed service last evening when I was napping. They are only doing service once a day and I chose evenings, but the cleaning is more thorough. Very nice of him, the crew has been so nice everywhere. Two unique choices for lunch only available on sea days are the Sea Day Brunch in the MDR and Guy’s Pig & Anchor BBQ. I went with the BBQ. I had a mixture of Q and sauces and ran into my friends while eating there so a nice visit. I did a walkabout the ship, had my first soft-serve ice creme, and listened to the steel drums by the pool on the Lido deck. A lot of guests on deck taking advantage of the very warm weather. More cabin time to finalize the business started this morning with cruise bookings for the rest of the afternoon. I enjoyed the sunset from the balcony ang got this photo.  The water is so smooth too.  About 6:30 I went to the Alchemy Bar where Raunuk was holding court. I missed him on the first visit. He prepared me a wonderful cocktail. I had met all guests (but four) seated at the bar so we already have regulars. It was great fun. I went to dinner in the MDR, we gained one person. Waiters were very attentive. For dinner, I ordered the Escargot, Baked Ziti (as a starter), and the Lamb entree. For desert the Panna Cotta. All was good. Just a short walkabout after dinner. Tonight was the Latin show Amor Cubano in the theater and all the venues seemed busy. It was a restful sea day on the Carnival Vista.

Day Four -- Tuesday --  October 12th, 2021 -- Roatan Island Honduras - Mahogany Bay
Vista from the swimming area
Very smooth seas overnight and I slept very well. This cruise cabin is one of the few that actually stays very cool throughout the night. It fact cold, no fan needed here. I woke and enjoyed the balcony and the views of Roatan Island before going to the Lido for breakfast. I went to the Blue Iguana for my favorite breakfast at sea. Heuvos Rancheros with two Fried Eggs, Arebas, Salsa, Pico de gallo, and Watermelon. It was very good. I debarked the ship and went to the shops at Mahogany Bay, I bought a couple of bargains: a nice Beach Bag and Swim Goggles, both for $10. I then went to the beach and enjoyed the water. You could go away from the beach as there were a series of sand bars so you’d go from deep to shallow water…kind of fun. I did make an extra trip into the water with the iPhone to get the definitive Mahogany Bay photo of the ship (above). After at least an hour in the water I went to Fat Tuesdays for a Salva Vita beer. I always have one when in Roatan. I went back to the ship about 1:30 pm so went straight to JiJi’s before it closed for a nice Mongolian Grill bowl. It was very good and I was proud of my healthy lunch choice until I walked by the Cake Station in the Lido Marketplace. There was a Carrot Cake that reached out and grabbed me…it was wonderful. A nice shower to remove the sand and cabin time updating this blog and a short nap. A perfect afternoon.  I went to the Alchemy Bar about 6:30 and it was the now usual regulars.  Dayiana did fix me her version of the Watermelon cocktail tonight, very nice.  It was the original three at my table tonight at dinner and tonights MDR menu is actually one of my favorites.  I did the add the Meatball Appetizer to the Linguini entree trick and had the Tenderloin entree as well.  A very good meal.  Piano Bars night off, but the Comedy club was popular as ever as well as the many other venues.  Plenty of activities for guests.  It was a lovely beach day in Mahogany Bay.

Day Five -- Wednesday -- October 13th, 2021 -- Belize, CA

Bird Isle fish dinner
Smooth seas and I slept very well and later than usual. We were anchored off of Belize by the time I woke. I went up to the Lido buffet for some fruit and a light breakfast at about 9:30 am. It was busy, I think everyone slept late. I usually just stay on the ship at this port as I have been here many times and done everything from Caye Caulker to Cave Tubing and Mayan Ruins. Today I did go ashore and I had a wonderful adventure. I took the 20-minute Tender into Belize City, then went beyond the tourist area and into town. It’s nicer than in previous visits and everyone was welcoming. I stopped in the ferry building where you catch the water ferries out to Caye Caulker and beyond, then a visit to Brodies the oldest and largest mercantile in Belize (I bought socks), From Downtown Belize City I took a taxi to my favorite place to eat from previous years: Bird Isle. It has expanded with a beautiful deck on the water and a nice Caribbean palm talapa over the main dining area. The good thing is it’s still the original menu…wonderful. I had a full Belizean
fresh fish dinner. The meal alone is worth the effort to get here. BTW-the Belikin beer is less than half the price of the tourist area! My taxi driver returned in 1.5 hours as requested and I returned to the tourist terminal area. The taxi was only $5. I made the 2:00 pm tender and was back on the Vista by 2:30 in time for a short Nap. I went to the Alchemy Bar early for a cocktail as I went to the 6:15 PG Comedy Show. It was weak, I’m sure a later show may have been better. I had my second Alchemy cocktail then listened to the Strings Trio in the Vista Lobby before 8:15 dinner. I heard a tip that the Filet Mignon was very good tonight so that’s what I ordered, two in fact, one medium and one medium-well. Just to compare. I also had a Shrimp Cocktail and the Stuffed Mushrooms. True, the steaks were great, the best meal of the cruise. No walk about the ship tonight I was tired from walking in Belize so I retire to the cabin and sleep. It was a fantastic day for a foodie in Belize and on the Carnival Vista.

Day Six -- Thursday --  October 14th, 2021 -- Cozumel Island, Mexico 

Plaza Principal San Miguel
Smooth seas again and I slept well. I was up early and updated this blog as I was too busy and tired yesterday. I went up to the Blue Iguana and was greeted by the multitude of Towel Animals around the Lido Pool area. Always interesting. I had a burrito this morning and as I observed them cooking fresh scrambled eggs, I requested a wheat burrito that stalled them a bit then I requested the fresh eggs…yes I got a full spatula of hot eggs from the grill onto my tortilla. Wow, nothing better than that.  Best breakfast burrito ever.  Just perfect timing, thanks Karma.  I made my way off the ship about 9:30 as the barbershop doesn’t open until 10:00. I was able to share a taxi into San Miguel so a good start to the day and arrived early enough to make my visit to church before Martin opened the shop. I had a nice haircut and visit. The next stop was the bank to get some Peso’s then to Wet Wendy’s for my HQ for the day. Woody’s doesn’t open now until noon so WW was great. I did communicate with Woody's owner and some changes are coming. I got a lot of Travel Agent work done, had face-time with my Dear Wife, and watched a lot of videos that can’t be seen on the Carnival WiFi package that I have on board. I saw new videos of the Granddaughter, and I really enjoyed watching the OUvsTX highlights from the Big Game. I had a fantastic Creamsicle Drink that was typical of Wet Wendy’s famous huge Margarita drinks. They also have my favorite Cerveza: Bohemia.  I took a taxi back to Puerto Maya pier ($8) getting back about the requested time of 3:30 pm.  I went strait to Guy’s Burgers for an onion burger, then walked by the Cake Station before it closed at 4:00…I had a piece of Orange Cake and a slice of Black Forest cake…very nice.  That may be dinner. I watched sail away just after 4:00 pm so everyone must have returned from Cozumel on time. I didn’t go to Alchemy so I had time to see several entertainers: the Vista Rockband and Country Music by Neilly Rich, both in the Ocean Plaza. I also saw one of the new concept Comedy Showcases in the larger theater…I like it. They use the Punchliner Graphics and just a better venue. It was a double show with Merl Hobbs & Marvin Todd. It was humorous and entertaining. I did have dinner in the MDR even after eating the cake earlier. Tonight I ordered the Wild Rice Country Soup, the Lasagna, and the Cornmeal-crusted Chicken Breast entree with Apple Pie for dessert. It was good. A walk about the ship and so much activity. It was nice seeing the lights of the Carnival Breeze as she sailed alongside us this evening. It was a busy and productive day in Cozumel and the Carnival Vista.

Day Seven -- Friday --  October 15th, 2021 -- Fun Day at Sea
Alchemy Team

Smooth sailing again overnight and I slept like a baby. I was awake at 7:00 am and went to the omelet station on Lido for breakfast at about 8:00 am. I did a walkabout this morning, getting a $25 free play chip from the casino, and my Diamond gifts from Pixels Gallery. I visited with friends at the Lobby Bar then went to the Limelight Lounge for my Rapid Covid-antigen test. I will say that it was very organized (as it should be on a Hospital ship—inside joke), the most organized of the three ships that I have had a test on. You are made aware of what is happening, stay in an orderly line, get swabbed, wait for results, then pick up your paperwork. Easy Peasy in and out in half an hour. I then had balcony time working on bookings and enjoyed the very pleasant weather. I won’t have a balcony when I move over to the Carnival Breeze. I went for lunch at Cucina de Capitano, my Linguini with sausage, peppers and tomatoes was wonderful.  I enjoyed it very much.  I then did an afternoon walk about on the outer decks, the weather is perfect so a lot of guests in the pools and hot tubs, but did not seem overcrowded.  I went up to the Serenity Deck, it’s large enough, but no pool.  The Bar is nice, larger than on the Mardi Gras actually. Only one elevator to deck 15 forward so a bit hard to get to that deck.  Cabin and balcony time the rest of the day as I am on the shady side this afternoon.  Nice. I went to the Platinum/Diamond party at 5:00 pm.  It was the old style party with plenty of bar servers and the Beer/Tito’s station.  I sat as close as I could get to the Tito’s and Lemonade.  I had more than my share.  Kyndall, the CD, did a great job of keeping thing rolling and there was entertainment.  In fact it was one of the best I have attended.  Afterward I went to the casino to use my $25 free play chip.  I tried Roulette and lady luck was with me as I ended up with $75 in real chips so I’m taking that onto the Breeze with me.  I finished the night at the Alchemy was great fun.  It was a magical final day on the Carnival Vista.   
Debarkation -- Saturday --  October 16th, 2021 -- Port of Galveston
We were docked  before I woke and I began packing at 7:15 am.  I’m not in a rush but did roll off toward the end of the self-debark guests.  I was at Terminal two by 9:00 am to wait for my cruise on the Carnival Breeze.


We were sailing below capacity that actually makes it very nice for guests on board.  I believe Carnival is saying about 60% capacity with 2400 guests.

I did something that I used to always do, but not much of late: I had most of my dinners in the MDR.  Hit or miss with meals, but the dinner service was awesome.  Great wait staff. at Table 420.  Guy’s Burgers, Guy’s BBQ, JiJi’s, Blue Iguana, et al were all great.  

I had cabin 9425 a balcony on deck 9 near the aft elevators on starboard side.  The cabin has the usual Carnival layout with three closets, small tables at bed, push button safe, a mini refrigerator, full size couch, and coffee table. An adequate amount of floor space. The best feature is the large screen TV mounted on the wall opposite the bed…very nice although it stays on the Map Channel 24/7.

Personal HIGHLIGHTS of the Cruise

OU vs. TX Football Game
Bird Isle in Belize
Cozumel Day
Alchemy Bar & staff
Platinum/Diamond Party
Red Frog Pub