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Celebrity Apex Cruise Review - B2B - January 7 & 14, 2023

Celebrity Apex Cruise Review - January 7&14, 2023

Just the Facts:

ShipCelebrity Apex is the second vessel in the company's Edge class of ships @ 130,000 tons. Her debut sailing was from Athens on June 19, 2021, with a guest capacity of 2,900 passengers. 

Ports: Ft. Lauderdale FL - Key West FL - Belize City, Belize - Cozumel, Mexico - Georgetown, Grand Cayman - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Tortola, BVI - Basseterre, St. Kitts Is.

Captain: Nikolaos Christodoulakis

I’ve never sailed with Celebrity so the Apex will be my 1st and 2nd cruises on her and with the company. I’m cruising with my Dear Wife (DW) on a B2B (back2back). Although my first Celebrity cruises, these are my 194th and 195th cruises overall. We will sail for 14 consecutive nights on board the Celebrity Apex. 

Saturday / January 7th, 2022 Embarkation / Day 1 

I finished packing early Saturday morning and we were off on our drive to Ft. Lauderdale at about 7:20 am. We did the I-75 route crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and south to Alligator Alley crossing the Everglades to the Atlantic coast. We drove into Fort Lauderdale to Park-N-Go cruise parking arriving at about 11:20 am. The parking lot was very busy but it was very well organized. They had our VW unloaded and bags in the shuttle before we had a chance to walk the few feet over to it. We were last on and immediately on our way to the ship. We checked one bag and I rolled on my duffle as usual for us. The initial ID entry was easy, the security check and bag scanning was easy, the Check-in station was easy, and we were on the ship at 11:40 am. No waiting anywhere.  Amazingly fast, 20 minutes from car to cabin. I’m very impressed. We dropped our bags in the cabin and went up to deck 14 and the Oceanview Cafe (buffet). They have a large variety of Food Stations…I like the system. I had a Mongolian Grill with beef, chicken, and a selection of vegetables. I also had a small portion of Roast beef from the Carving Station, it was excellent, and reminded me of the traditional roast beef on embarkation day from years ago. I enjoyed some Pistachio creme-filled pastries from the Bakery area…BTW, real Butter and a variety of fresh bread. We then went to our Muster Station on Deck 4 before returning to the cabin. Back on deck 7, we saw DW’s luggage so took it to cabin 7119. We have a nice balcony located forward on the port side…just back and below the ship’s Bridge. It’s a small balcony, but designed to be a part of the cabin, completely covered and like a lanai for the cabin…I really like it. Not as much storage as one would like but the cabin is of adequate size and well-decorated. I hung my clothes and set up for the cruise with time for rest and even a wee nap. We decided to go casual this evening eating at the Oceanview Cafe; however, they do not have near as many choices as they did for lunch. Truthfully every male I saw was wearing shorts and I suspect like I didn’t want to dress for dinner on the first night. My Chicken dish and beef stew were good. The Chocolate Fondue is not something I recall seeing on any other cruise ship. We stopped at the outdoor pool bar and enjoyed the interesting lighting on the ship before retiring to the cabin. Narayan our Cabin Steward did a turn down for us including fresh ice and chocolates on the pillows. We had movie time and rest this evening. It was an easy debarkation day on the Celebrity Apex.
Sunday / January 8th  /  Key West, FL  /  Day 2 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well. The bed is huge, an oversize King with nice large pillows too. We were docked in Key West when I woke at 7:30 and it was a bright beautiful day. We had complimentary room service continental breakfast delivered at about 8:30. It was very good and we enjoyed it on our balcony. Good morning to catch up on online business since we have multiple WiFi options here in Key West. We left the cabin at about 10:45 am and headed off the ship. I’m very impressed with the Gangway Area, a very nice designated area with nice decor. We were docked right in town and we did the usual looking in the various shops and walked through the already-opened bars along Duval Street. We stopped for lunch at a place other hamburger aficionados recommend: Frita’s Cuban Burgers. It’s a small place and you eat al fresco similar to street food. Very good menu but I wanted the Standard Burger and the Yucca Fries. Both were good, the fries were very unique to me. Well worth the visit. We decided to go by DW’s grandfather's old house at 1015 Packer Street just a few blocks away. Someone has purchased his series of Shotgun houses in the Historic District and improved them since we last visited them about 15 years ago. About 20+ years ago we began investigating her Grandfather's supposed Key West murder. He built the houses in 1938/39 and was murdered there in 1940. We had the assistance of a local historical researcher, copies of the plats from the courthouse, period news articles, and most importantly an interview with a neighbor who lived in one of the houses. Very interesting situation, we think we know the true story. We have decided to address this again now that we live in Florida. We enjoy the architecture of old Key West and visiting. We ended up at the original Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe and sat in the courtyard enjoying a nice Key Lime Pie before returning to the ship and sail away. At about 5:00 pm we went down to the Martini Bar located on decks 3 & 4 mid-ship. It’s a very nice very large bar with live music and an adequate number of servers. This was our first experience with the Celebrity Elite guest-level beverage benefit. It is wonderful that Celebrity recognizes our guest status from Royal Caribbean cruises. We have a nice menu of complementary cocktails, wine, and soda to enjoy. Cosmopolitans were on the list so that was our drink for this evening. The drinks are served in smaller glasses, but you can order as many as you wish from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Very nice. We ended up staying the entire time, the music was great, but primarily because we had an assigned dining time of 8:15 pm. I assumed that you would be seated according to the day and time you request; however, it is done by seating times. Also, it can be done for the entire week so experienced Celebrity guests reserved various times on embarkation day. This doesn’t allow for no-shows or activities on port days. We did go to the Cyprus Restaurant earlier than assigned and were seated straight away. Dinner was very good, I ordered the Greek Saganaki and Escargot appetizers, the NY Strip Steak entree, and the Panna Cotta for dessert. We retired to the cabin after dinner. It was a great day walking in Key West and a learning day on the Celebrity Apex.

Monday, January 9th / Sea Day / Day 3 
Smooth seas overnight and we slept very well. A telephone call from room service woke us at about. 8:30 am. We ordered the same breakfast but it was too bright on the balcony this morning so had breakfast in bed. Very nice. I had a busy morning updating this blog and usual Monday morning business. Another discovery this morning is that you can use your mobile phone as your cabin key…another first for me. We did some exploring on the ship today, the Eden area is very unique and we ended up eating a small sandwich there from the grille area. We visited the casino to get some MatchPlay certificates that are a part of our elite benefits. Not sure if we will use them, but perhaps, I’d have preferred FreePlay chips. We went to Oceanview buffet for lunch, I had a very nice Mongolian Wok plate with more variety than the previous one on day one, and also a freshly made Creme Brûlée for dessert. We had cabin/balcony/movie time in the afternoon. I also worked on our plans for our big Asia/Europe/Red Sea adventure in April. It will be our biggest adventure to date. At about 5:15 we went to the Pool Bar to stock up on some Cokes for tonight's big game and I had time for two complementary Heineken beers. We had dinner from the Oceanview and dined outside on the aft deck watching our wake and the beautiful sunset. This has been one of my favorite contrarian things to do on a formal night…same here very few people dining on the outer deck. There was a much better selection of food tonight than on day one, I had Fish & Chips to go with my beer, but they had a lot of options. The Fish&Chip were very good and they had sliced lemons, tarter sauce, & malt vinegar available…very well done. We took some snacks back to the cabin for game night and of course, I mean the NCAA Football National Championship game. My team, the Oklahoma Sooners didn’t make it, but the DW’s team did make the finals, the TCU Horned Frogs. I’m sure I was the only guest wearing a purple TCU hat today. Georgia was heavily favored and won by even more than expected. I thank Celebrity for carrying ESPN and other popular television stations. It was a very nice sea day on the Celebrity Apex.

Tuesday, January 10th / Belize City, Belize / Day 4 

Calm seas overnight and I slept very well. It was an overcast morning so good for sleeping late, especially since we are not tendering into Belize City today. We did a nice walkabout and discovered the Roof Top Garden area (photo) on deck 15 aft. We enjoyed the live plants and got ideas for our new backyard garden at the Florida Villa…also has a nice view of the Caribbean. A great place to relax. We had a nice lunch in the Oceanview Cafe, I had some Roast Beef and a Chicken Breast from the Carving Station with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables. Also, a made-to-order Pasta… you choose the pasta, sauces, and spices to add. I did Spaghetti, Marinara, Peppers & Onion. The bread has been wonderful on this ship. The Rice Pudding for dessert was wonderful. We had afternoon cabin time. At 5:00 we returned to deck 15 to the aft-facing bar next to the garden area for a Cocktail hour. A nice place for relaxing drinks and a view of the wake, it was interesting to watch us sail away in a unique zig-zag to avoid the coral reefs. We had dinner reservations at Cosmopolitan this evening. This is our second of the four Main Dining Rooms. The DW had a Caprese Salad and a unique Vegetarian entree, I ordered the Escargot, Butternut Squash Soup, and Manhattan Steak. All was excellent. The flavored kinds of butter with the bread are fantastic. We both had Carrot Cake for dessert…it was the best I have ever had. We were going to see the lighting in the Garden area (we will) but ended up retiring following our cocktails and fine meal. I fell asleep early, but was up in the night using faster WiFi and finally got return Air flights booked for our April Adventure. It was a very enjoyable stay-on-board day on the Celebrity Apex.
Wednesday  January 11th  /  Isla de Cozumel, Mexico  /  Day 5 
Smooth seas overnight and we were docked before I got out of bed this morning. We’re docked at the International Pier (RCL’s) and it’s a beautiful day. We went to the Ocean View for a light breakfast…nice selections including Hot Milk one of my favorites at breakfast. We debarked at about 10:00 and took a taxi into San Miguel. Woody’s Bar & Grill was already open so we claimed table 7 for the day. It was good seeing my favorite senior waiter David. We were also able to spend time with our good friend and owner Nelly, always great catching up with her. We enjoyed the good Mexican Coca-cola, then enjoyed some Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and chips. In the afternoon I enjoyed several Bohemia Cerveza. Over the day, DW did some shopping, I had a haircut and bought a new Panama hat, we purchased some glass tumblers for use at the Florida Villa, and visited the old San Miguel church. It was nice to be in the old neighborhood. We had an early sail away so back on the ship by 3:30 pm. At about 5:00 we went to Eden for cocktails but decided to go to the Rooftop Garden to watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy a few beers (photo). Tonight we had dinner in the Oceanview Cafe, I had some pork shoulder from the Carving Station with potatoes, but the real treat was the Chicken Chow Mein, it was delicious. Best I have ever had. The evening buffet may not have as many choices as at lunch, but the quality of the food is amazing. After dinner, we attended our first production show: The Tree of Life. It was an amazing show encompassing Singers, Dancers, and Acrobats with great stage sets and LED back screens. It even snowed during the winter scene. We retired after the busy evening. It was a great port day in Cozumel and an evening on the Celebrity Apex.

Thursday, January 12th / Georgetown, Grand Cayman / Day 6 
Smooth seas overnight and I slept well and late. We didn’t arrive and anchor off of Georgetown until about 10:00 am. We spent the morning at the main pool while most guests were off the ship. The water and pool are very nice. We went for lunch at Oceanview Cafe and it was Italian Day. Every popular Italian dish you can imagine was available. I had a sampler plate, a little Chicken Parmesan, Veal Parmesan, Assorted fried fish, Pastas, Spinach Manicotti, Eggplant Parmesan, Italian Bean Soup, and various Cannoli for dessert. The Spinach Manicotti was the best item. After lunch we did a walkabout then relaxed having Cabin and Balcony time…the water is a very pretty blue here. Later we went to Eden for cocktails, then to Normandie, the French Themed restaurant and 3rd of the 4 Main restaurants on the Apex. We had a wonderful meal, we split a Baked Brie Cheese (excellent), then I ordered the Escargot, Beef Tenderloin En Croute, and the Broiled Lobster Tail with Baked Alaska for dessert. All very good. Next, we saw the show 3-Divias in the Theater. It was three excellent vocalists doing covers of great female vocalists from the 60s - 90s. They do two different shows per cruise so we will enjoy their other show next week. After a short walkabout the ship we retired to watch a movie. It was a very good foodie day on the Celebrity Apex.

Friday, January 13th / Fun Day at Sea / Day 7 
Slight seas overnight and I slept very well. At about 9:00 am I went to Le Grand Bistro on deck 4 as they serve a light breakfast for Elite Guests. It takes a cruise to discover the various locations and benefits for Elites and the breakfast and dining options…then you can determine the best routine for you. We like the Room Service but this special breakfast option from 8-10:00 am is wonderful. You have 6 options including Salmon & Bagel, Pastry Basket, Light deli Meat, or Cheeses. I had a Fruit Plate, Danish, and Hot Milk. The hot milk was a nice surprise. At least we discovered it on the last day of this cruise. The DW went to the pool early as it’s a busy sea day and ended up doing her workout and the Pool exercises directed by Cruise Staff. We then went up to the Roof Top Garden to watch the new Tom Cruise Top Gun movie on the Big Screen. It was good and the weather was nice. We then went to the Oceanview Cafe for our big meal of the day as we are reserving the evening for entertainment. It was International Day for the Buffet and good selections. I had a custom Sandwich, Turkey & Roast Beef from the Carving Station, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw, and Apple Crum for dessert. DW had a very unique dessert on a fresh crape with personally selected ingredients. It looked great too with the Carmel drizzle (most I had seen were Chocolate). It began raining while we were eating so the area was packed by 2:00 pm as guests left the outer pool deck. Some cabin time and enjoyed sitting on the balcony and watching the storm clouds and the island of Cuba on our port side. We went to the Sunset Bar on 15 aft for a beer & coke, then went to The Grill for French Fries and a Hot Dog as we aren’t doing a formal dinner tonight. We went early to the Theater for good seats for Rockumentary (photo) an excellent production show. The stage changes from venue to venue representing old concerts from the past, from Beatles at Shea Stadium to Woodstock to many others…very well done. The singers and dancers were great, the presentation was even better. After retiring to the cabin we watched a movie from the Movie List selections…we chose Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt…it was great. It was a very good final sea day for the last day of this cruise on the Celebrity Apex.

Saturday, January 14th / Embarkation Day / Day 8 of B2B

Smooth Seas overnight and I slept well. We woke early to finish packing and prepare for a cabin change before we have our B2B meeting this morning. I went up to the Ocean View and the weather is very cold and breezy. I returned through the interior passageway. For breakfast, I had three fresh Eggs cooked to order, Bacon, Hash Browns, assorted Fruit, and Milk. It was good. We actually heard the first in-cabin announcements this morning…announcing that it was time to leave the cabins. We really enjoyed not having all those announcements that other cruise lines do too often. We left our bags at the old cabin and went to our 9:00 am meet-up in the Eden Lounge area. At about 9:30 the 200 of us B2B guests were escorted down to a Customs waiting area where we received our new S&S cabin cards, then through Virtual Imaging border control, and then back onto the ship. It was a very easy process. We went to our new cabin and had no bags so we went to the previous cabin to retrieve them. The cabins were very close. Our new cabin has a full en suite balcony and it really is a lanai. The outer wall, towards the sea, is all glass and you can open the upper portion as you please just like a power window. You also have a power screen that you can use to block the sun if needed. It covers the entire window. You also have folding partition doors that separate the balcony/lanai from the cabin, they fold flat against the outer walls so as not to block the view. Amazing design. I’m glad we decided to change cabins on this cruise. We went to Ocean View Cafe for lunch, I have a Stir-fry (Mongolian grill) just as I did a week ago, it was even better as were the Pistachio Cremes. We did our muster drill then returned to the cabin to take advantage of fast WiFi for business then take an actual nap (remember no announcements to disturb you). We had a lazy afternoon but did more work on April’s big adventure. I had a nice solo dinner at the Oceanview Cafe: Beef & Onion entree, Mashed Potatoes, and Mixed Vegetables. I took a large plate of Bread Sticks and butter as a snack for the DW and Movie Night. It was a busy day for us as on the Celebrity Apex.

Sunday,  January 15th  /  Fun Day at Sea /  Day 9 of B2B 

Rolling seas overnight and I slept well. We met new friends for breakfast at Le Grand Bistro at 9:00 am. Something that I learned during this visit is that some specialty drinks are also included for Elite guests. DW had a Bellini and I had a Bloody Mary. We had the Ultimate Platter and a Fruit Platter. It was very good food as well as the company and service. Very nice venue too. Afterward, we joined a team for General Trivia in the Main Lounge, we did fairly well. We had cabin time then went for a late lunch at about 2:00 pm in the Oceanview Cafe. It was Caribbean Day with Peas & Rice, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork, Plantains, etc., but didn’t appeal to me…I had another Stir-Fry and a selection of desserts including Bread Pudding. We then watched a movie until our 5:00 pm Cocktail hour, we did the contrarian thing tonight and DW went swimming in the Solarium pool and I went to the pool bar. A few Heinekens were nice and we got some Coca-cola for later. DW was the only guest in the pool. We stayed an hour+ then returned to the cabin. We are enjoying our balcony cabin, it is very unique, the TV screen is large, and it’s well-decorated and cozy. We watched movies and researched our port stops beginning tomorrow. It was a very restful sea day onboard the Celebrity Apex.

Monday,  January 16th  /  San Juan, PR  /  Day 10 of B2B 
Slight rolling of seas just enough to rock one to sleep. I forgot to change our clocks with the time change and was late for our friend's meet-up at breakfast at Le Grand Bistro. I had a Bellini, a Fruit Plate, a Danish, and Hot Milk. We had the trivia team already together to go to the Grand Plaza for two games of Trivia. It was fun and the new friends are all charming. We have a late arrival at OSJ today so we enjoyed cabin time until lunch. I went to Oceanview Cafe as usual and enjoy two selections from the Carving Station: Turkey & Pork Shoulder. Also Mashed Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables with Apple Crumble and Boston Creme Pie for dessert. More cabin time until we approached the entry to San Juan harbor where we experience some high-rolling waves. We tilted twice guessing 12°+ it was exciting. After we were docked we headed ashore with friends at about 4:00ish for a walkabout OSJ. We walked the harbor then the Boulevard to the Fountain, then the sea walk below the walls to the old original Gate. From there we stopped at El Convento for a beer and soft drinks. The Cathedral closes daily at 4:00 pm so we went to La Taberna Lúpulo where the guys stayed for beers and the girls went shopping. We later met the girls in the park and went to the famous restaurant Barrachina for food and drinks. Then walked back to the ship arriving just before our 9:30 back on-board time. It was really nice walking about with the beautiful city lights and perfect weather. We retired and nursed our ailments from walking the cobblestoned streets and watched the Dallas/Tampa Bay NFL playoff game from bed. It was a great day in San Juan.

Tuesday,  January 17th  /  Tortola, BWI  /  Day 11 of B2B
Rolling seas as we left San Juan and overnight…perfect for sleeping. We were already docked at the Tortola Cruise Ship Pier when I woke. At about 9:00 am I went to the Ocean View Cafe for perhaps my best breakfast of the cruise. I had three Eggs made to order, fresh hot Toast, Bacon (lots), Hash Browns, Ham, and Hot Milk. After breakfast, we debarked the ship and walked into the pier area. As the only ship here and having been docked two hours it was not busy at all. We booked a two-hour island tour ($25 pp) in an open-air Jitney. We traveled over the mountains to the other side of the island stopping at several view locations. We got out at three: Stoutt's Lookout Bar, the Callwood Rum Distillery in a 400+-year-old building, and Myett's Restaurant in Cane Garden Bay to walk out on their nice beach. We shared a Painkiller cocktail and took in the sight of Jost Van Dyke Island just across the water. The views were beautiful as was the water. Upon arrival, back at the pier, we stopped at Myett’s by the Pier for two more Painkillers, Bottled water, and some French Fries. We also did some shopping scoring some white cotton items for our desert trip in April. After some rest, I went to the Elite-only event Music and Mixology. They had a flair bartender and a feature musical group serving three mini cocktails: a Manhattan, a Spicy Pimms, and a Mai Tai. It was a very nice half-hour event. We went to the Oceanview Cafe for dinner and joined friends. My food was good, I had Pork Leg from the Carving Station with Vegetables and a creamy Pasta casserole. A Trifle for dessert. We had a great conversation with our new friends before heading back to the cabin for a movie and bed. It was a fun day on Tortola and the Celebrity Apex.


Wednesday, January 18th / Saint Kitts, Leeward Islands / Day 12 of B2B 

Smooth seas overnight and I slept very well. Guests were debarking by 8:30 am. At about 10:00 am the DW went to the Solarium to do pool exercise and I went to the Oceanview Cafe for another good breakfast. I went to the Poached Egg station where they prepared a great and freshly made Eggs Benedict for me. It was great as were the Bacon, Hash Brown Potatoes, and Hot Milk. I soon joined DW in the Solarium and I really enjoyed the Hot Tub, especially getting a water jet on my foot. Did wonders for the tendonitis, If back I’m going to consider one of those jetted walk-in tubs. We had cabin time the rest of the morning. At 1:00 pm we had a light lunch, I had a nice Turkey Sandwich. We soon afterward debarked the ship and walked down the long docking pier to the large pier arrival area. We looked at a few shops and watched a group of costumed dancers when the DW saw a Payless Shoes store on the approach to town, She ended up with two pairs of shoes as it is hard to find shoes for her pixie feet. We then walked into old Basseterre then back to the pier and back on the ship. We then attended a special event in Eden for Elite guests where they had the solo entertainer Georgia perform as well as one of the Acrobats. Up close and personal show for us on front lounge seats. The complementary cocktails were nice too. We had an early reservation at Normandie Restaurant. I do like the ambiance of the MDRs and table linens and service. Tonight I ordered Baked Brie, Escargot, and Beef Tenderloin. All great. DW said her Polenta was really good. We had Queen cake and Ice Creme for dessert, only so-so, but overall a great meal. We had TV and movie time, Edward Scissorhands, in the cabin tonight. It was another great day on the Celebrity Apex.

Thursday, January 19th / at Sea / Day 13 of B2B 

Smooth seas overnight and I slept well. We went to the elite breakfast @ Le Grand Bistro at 9:00 am. and met friends. I had the Ultimate Platter and DW had a Fruit Platter plus Danish, Bloody Mary, and Hot Milk. It was good. afterward, we went to the Club for 10;15 am Trivia with the full team. It was fun as usual. We then did a walkabout and had cabin time. At about 1:00 I had my first Hamburger from the Grill on the Pool deck. It was good. The Trivia team met for Trivia again at 1:45 pm for Time Play Live: Interactive Trivia. You do it online watching the question on screens in the room and answering questions on your phone, Very interesting and good fun. It was movie time in the Afternoon then we went to Eden for Cocktails. The Eden space is very unique and a great place to enjoy complimentary Elite drinks. Tonight we had dinner in the Cyprus Restaurant. I ordered the Taverna Salad (Greek), Hot Melted Cheese Saganaki, the Lemon Dill Chicken Souvlaki entree, and a Lobster Tail with Baked Alaska for dessert. It was all very good. We watched another movie before retiring. I have really enjoyed the Infinite Balcony…it’s a fantastic concept. Our cabin steward has also done a great job as well as keeping us stocked with ice. We like to drink Coca-Cola and snack on Cookies that we pick up on our walkabouts. This is a great ship and it was a fun and interesting day on the Celebrity Apex.

Friday,  January 20th  /  Fun Day at Sea  /  Day 14 of B2B 

Smooth seas overnight and I slept well. We set our clocks back to Eastern Time Zone overnight. I went up to the Ocean View Cafe primarily to get some ham from the Carving Station, I did as well as some bacon and one Eggs Benedict. I had a meat craving. The two of us still went to Le Grand Bistro at 9:00 am. to meet friends. We both ordered the Fruit Plate and had a Danish. I also had a Bloody Mary and Hot Milk. Afterward, DW went swimming and I went to Trivia. We’re getting better, with 15 of 20 correct questions today. We watched another movie in the cabin and then went to the Oceanview Cafe for lunch. I got two nice slices of Turkey from the Carving Station and took them to the Sandwich Station where I had a great turkey Sandwich made for me. It was excellent. We spent some time visiting in the Solarium and watched another movie this afternoon. We went to Eden for cocktails at about 4:45 pm, our new friends came by to say farewell this evening. We had a mini-show as entertainers came by for a sound check while we were there, they were great, we won’t make their 10:15 pm show though. We had dinner at 5:45 in Tuscany Restaurant, the fourth and final restaurant of the main restaurants on board. Unfortunately, the least liked of the four for me as the special items were not really to my liking. I ordered the Asiago Cheese Flan, the Escargot, the Strozzapreti Carbonara entree, and the Dulce de Leech Cream Catalana for dessert. It was good, but I was hoping for more Italian choices. We did a final walkabout then retired to the cabin to pack for tomorrow's debarkation. It was a very relaxing final day on the Celebrity Apex.


Saturday, January 21st / Debarkation / Ft. Lauderdale

Smooth seas overnight and I was up very early. I finished packing and we were ready to roll by 7:00 am. We watched from the balcony for the first off the ship and at about 7:20 we saw guests on the gangway. We left the cabin, scored an elevator, and were on deck 5 and heading off the ship straight away. Face recognition got us through Border Control and we were out the door. We found our shuttle bus that was already there (woo hoo) and were second on board. It soon filled and we were off to the lot. There it was luck of the draw as to finding your car. The driver does take off and loads your bags, a nice service, but slow if you are the last car. Still, we were in our car at about 8:10 am. We were off headed north on I-95 taking the cut across Florida route. Less mileage but more cities to slow one down. We stopped at S&L Burgers in Lakeland for lunch then made it home at about 2:25 pm. It was a really easy debarkation from the Apex and Port Canaveral.



I love the Edge class of ship primarily for the Infinite Balconies. The ship still seems new due to constant cleaning and maintenance. Beautiful artwork and statues. My favorite areas are Eden and Rooftop Garden.


Week One: we had cabin 7119 a balcony forward on deck 7. It has a unique balcony they classify as partially obscured, but reinforced as it was very far forward with two chairs and a table outside. The usual push button safe, king bed, couch, reading lamps at the bedside, a nice small refrigerator, chair at dresser/desk, and large screen TV. There are two small wardrobes and one set of drawers at the dresser. The bathroom is nice with glass doors at the shower. Week Two: we had cabin 7140 a full infinite balcony located just off the forward elevators. I like this concept with the balcony as a part of the cabin.


All are well trained and efficient. Our cabin stewards Narayan & Jarot were very good and friendly. The wait staff in the MDRs and Bars were also friendly and did a good job serving us. All crew greeted you as you passed them…very nice.

Dining / Food / Bars / Entertainment

The Apex overall has very good food and was all new to us. Excellent quality and preparation of all. We never ate in a Specialty Restaurant but there were many to choose from. Fantastic to have Tablecloths in the MDRs.  

Highlights of the Cruise


Infinite Balcony 

Cozumel day

Rockumentary Show

St. Thomas day

Main Dining Rooms

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